Before you judge…

rainbow umbrella in mass of black umbrellas
Change the lens, change the view.

Shit happens right. Break ups, break downs, mistakes, wins, promotions, winning the lottery and losing our minds. The problem is with things like fakebook and instaspam everyone feels ‘so connected’ and like they really know each other. The problem with this is that judgement has become hardwired in human nature at the scroll of a finger and the hesitation over the like button. We think we know it all. We think we know when things are good, bad, real, not real – but do we really?

Have we lost our ability to be empathetic? Connected? Curious? Caring?

We were taught at school to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you judged, yet somehow humans fail to do this time and time again. One of my favourite things to ponder is that judgement is simply data analysis without all the data – the point being, you cannot draw conclusive outcomes with an incomplete data set, so why is it that humans do this every single day?

You instantly know whether you ‘like’ a post you see or not…. but have a think for a moment…

You don’t know the whole story.

You don’t know the entire situation.

You can’t possibly understand everything going on here….

Yet you judged confidently…. you liked, you scrolled past, you may have even screwed up your nose and scoffed….but you have done so in a micro second. Without a conversation. Without the full story. Without the full picture. Without full consciousness.

This needs to stop.

The best thing we can do is suspend our judgement and simply be present. Engage in more conscious opinion making.

Be there rather than 17 steps ahead in the land of conclusions that you’re not qualified to make. Be present and just connect.

This goes for children, at work, friends having a tough time.

Stop. Think. Be present.

Holding an energetic space while a friend, colleague or child makes sense of their own situation is enough. This is also known as “being there” for someone.

We share our lives in these online places, yet we are not sharing our true selves. Many of us don’t know who our true selves are, but let’s be honest, it isn’t the pictures we share, the stories we tell. It’s the moments we are making offline that matter. The conversations. The ah huh moments. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and the way it extends our reach and facilitates communication, I just think we all need to engage with it in a more switched on and conscious manner… we have to stop mindlessly clicking, scrolling, liking and judging.

If you’re wondering what is going on in my life right now, you’re welcome to ask me – send me a DM, or my email is – instead of drawing conclusions or judging, why not just ask?


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